2008 National Farm Management Conference: Influencing Tomorrow's Agriculture

2nd Joint Conference

National Association of Farm Business Analysis Specialists
National Farm & Ranch Business Management Education Association, Inc.

June 8 - 12, 2008 • Piccadilly Inn University • Fresno, California

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University Credit For Attending
2008 National Farm Business Management Conference

If you are interested in receiving university credit, either at the undergraduate or graduate level, please follow the procedures below. Please note all paperwork must be filled out and given to the appropriate individual at the conference.

GRADUATE CREDIT: For graduate credit, send a 1-2 page Reflection (single-spaced) on what you learned during the presentation/tours and or meetings at the conference. In your Reflection please address 2 to 3 of the presentations, tours and or meetings you attended at the conference. Discuss what was learned and its benefits to you. Please send the Reflection to:

Dr. Tim Andera
CTE Coordinator
Box 507, Wenona Hall 104
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007-0095

The Reflection must be received no later than Friday, June 27th in order to receive credit. If the assignment is not received in a timely manner, no credit will be received for the CTE 563 course.

UNDERGRADUATE CREDIT: No Reflection paper is required for individuals requesting undergraduate credit.

Whether the class is taken at the graduate or undergraduate level, you will need to document attendance in individual workshops or presentations by marking on the appropriate line of the Conference Log Sheet. The Conference Log Sheet is available from the link below; you can also get one at the time of Registration. You will need to complete a minimum of 15 hours of the 23 to receive 1 semester credit. Once the conference is completed, total the number of hours and attach the Log Sheet to the Registration Form. Return both to the person who is in charge of the Conference Registration.

In order to receive credit, fill out one of the Admission/Registration Forms, either at the graduate or undergraduate level. Both forms are one page in length. You can find them below, and they will also be available at the Conference Registration area.

  1. Fill in Personal Information. (Name, SSN, Address, Emergency Contact, etc.)
  2. Residency Information
  3. Demographic Information (Optional)
  4. Educational Data—for Undergraduate you do not need to fill out the section pertaining to SAT/ACT scores. However, fill in the rest of this section.
  5. Semester to Enroll? (”Summer” checked already)
  6. Pursuing a Degree at SDSU? (“NO” is checked already)
  7. Course Information? (Filled out for you already)
  8. Sign and date the form

The cost for 1 credit of CTE 463 or CTE 563 Technical & Industrial Experiences is $100.00. Please make checks payable to NFRBMEA and give to the appropriate person who will be collecting registration materials.

Enjoy the Conference and Workshops!

Dr. Tim Andera
CTE Coordinator
Wenona Hall, Room 104
Brookings, SD 57007
(605) 688-6798

Print-friendly Instructions | Graduate Registration Form | Undergraduate Registration Form | Conference Log Sheet