Brad Sirianni

Past President:
Brad Sirianni

Brad Sirianni is Farm Business & Production Management (FBPM) Instructor at Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI. He has been an FBPM instructor since 2008 and was a high school Ag teacher for 12 years prior. Brad received his teaching degree from UW-River Falls.

Bradís passion lies in helping farmers accomplish their goals and dreams. With experiences in finance, nutrition and soils he strives to bring value to the farmers he works with. Brad believes in constant improvement and accomplishes this goal by attending workshops, seminars, conferences and participating in leadership roles. He had served as a vice president for the Wisconsin Association of Agriculture Educators, serves on the National Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship board, is a Farm Bureau member and serves on Western Technical Colleges Culture of Accountability training team and participates in many local and area events and activities.

Brad and his wife and three children reside in Whitehall, WI. The family owns and operates Fede Farms where they produce grains and forages for farmers. In his spare time, Brad enjoys riding bike and doing activities with his wife and children.

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