Myron Oftedahl

Past President:
Myron Oftedahl

Hi, my name is Myron Oftedahl and I am currently serving as Treasurer for NFRBMEA and also as Treasurer for the National Farm Management Conference.

I have been a Farm Management Instructor since January, 2006 working for South Central College with an office in Glencoe, MN. I taught High School Ag for 3 years when fresh out of the University of Minnesota and then spent 22 years in a crop production retail location before becoming a FBM Instructor. I serve as the Advisory Committee liaison for the FBM Division at South Central College. I am a member of the county Corn & Soybean Growers and have served as a State Director for MN Soybean Growers. I am a Provider Pals volunteer where we go into an urban middle school usually, and tell our Agriculture story. This turns into a memorable day.

I also enjoy gardening and landscaping. I bought a boat last summer and am enjoying the times that I get to go fishing. I also enjoy working in my woodshop and doing home improvement projects, as long as it doesn’t involve plumbing!

You might see me in a Ford Mustang t-shirt at times, this was always my dream car and in 2012 I bought a 2007 Mustang. Bright red! What fun!

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